By Adam B. Vary
Updated March 25, 2021 at 12:15 PM EDT
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Movie sets can be seriously tense places, no more so than those of mega-budget, action-franchise flicks like this May’s Terminator: Salvation. Filled with unimaginable pressures, they’re pretty much a breeding ground for the occasional heated outburst. But it’s pretty darn rare that we get a sense of just how tense they can be. just posted (some very NSFW) audio of Christian “the third John Connor” Bale ripping into T4 director of photography Shane Hurlbut on the set in a three-minute-and-45-second profanity-filled rant, after Hurlbut apparently distracted Bale during a take.

Credit: Timothy White

Alternatively hilarious, frightening, and shocking, I can’t decide what’s the most memorable part: That by my count Bale drops 35 F-bombs, or roughly one every six seconds; that director McG pipes up only after Bale calls him out by name, and then just seems to shrug, “I didn’t see it happen”; that things seem to (relatively) calm down after the two-minute mark, only to flare up again with Bale bellowing “I’m going to f—ing kick your f—ing a– if you don’t shut up for a second, okay?!”; that Bale can make screaming “You’re a nice guy! You’re a nice guy!” into some kind of veiled threat; or that Bale drops in and out of his American accent (or in and out of his British accent) throughout the whole ordeal.

Click on over to TMZ to listen to it, PopWatchers, and then come back here and tell me what you think (and I daresay y’all are gonna have a lot to say about it).

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Hell to the No!

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