By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 04, 2020 at 08:07 AM EDT
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She’s been at the top of Billboard‘s all-genre album chart for two months and was 2008’s top-selling artist, so it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift has plans to headline her own tour in 2009. Her 50-city Fearless Tour officially kicks off April 23 in Evansville, Ind., with special guest and BFF Kellie Pickler. (Click here for dates.) “My favorite thing when Igo to a concert is having lots of changing things to look at, so I’vebeen working really hard to make this show as multi-dimensional aspossible,” Swift says in the announcement. According to the release, it will “feature anincredibly theatrical presentation of graphics, sets and visualelements designed by Taylor herself. During each show, Taylor will playfive different guitars, as well as the piano. Multiple costume changesand a fairy-tale castle illuminated by more than a million lumens oflight are just some of the highlights of the three-act show.”

What do you folks think? One on hand, I love to see a young woman take that kind of creative control, on the other, the phrase “designed by Taylor herself” makes me nervous. I don’t expect her to just stand there and tap her right foot like George Strait, but I do want to know that her focus is on singing and not changing costumes mid-song (which she loves to do). Not that spectacle and sound quality have to be mutually exclusive — see Keith Urban, who combines them perfectly — but what’s more important to you?P.S. The castle does sound dreamy. I just hope it’s not like a strand of Christmas lights. If one bulb breaks….P.P.S. Anyone else teetering on Taylor overload? I love the album. I just don’t need to see her everywhere: New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. SNL. An upcoming episode of CSI (at least, she’s a fan).

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