January 30, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

I’ll be watching my very first Super Bowl this Sunday for one reason only: Bruce Springsteen is playing the halftime show. No offense, I’ve just never been a football person. Neither, turns out, has Springsteen. Take it from the Boss himself yesterday: “If there’s going to be any questions about football, then this is going to be the shortest press conference in history.” And: “When I think Steelers, I think Terry Bradshaw.” (Wikipediatells me this is funny because Terry Bradshaw retired from the Steelersaround the time Born in the U.S.A. came out. Ah!)

Yesterday’s press conference — Springsteen’s first in over 20 years, he claimed — had plenty of other E Street hijinks. You can listen to the whole thing here (warning: audio will autoplay). So, any other football-ignorant folks planning on tuning in to see Bruce’s set on Sunday? Any major NFL fans looking forward to seeing the Boss play in spite of his lack of pigskin-related enthusiasm? Don’t forget to check back here at PopWatch on Sunday night for my take on how the E Street Band’s 12-minute showcase goes.

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