Lost’s Nestor Carbonell told Sci-Fi Wire he understands why everyone thinks he’s into “guyliner,” but that it’s simply a myth. “I could see why some people would thinkI have eyeliner on because [my eyelashes] are dark. Especially thebottom row, they’re pretty dark. I’ve been dealing with it since I wasa little kid, and so to me it’s very funny when it comes up,” explained Carbonell while batting his lashes without even meaning to. “My brother told me to look online and sort of Google somethingabout that, and my name came up as a couple things. One of them wasMaybelline Man. I’ve been dubbed by some people as Guyliner. It’s veryamusing.”

Certainly. And so is a Lostpedia forum I just found, entitled “The importance of Alpert’s eyeliner” — which contains this speculative gem: “Aside from the theory that Richard Alpert is a vain metrosexual stuckon a permanent vacation, I think that Alpert’s eyeliner relates to hisimmortality…like a pharoah or something…I’ve been researching allday, but can’t find a conclusive connection to the ancient world,immortality and the wearing of eyeliner.”

Thanks to Carbonell’s brave speaking out on this important topic, we can stop all this wondering/researching and instead just be insanely jealous of the actor’s natural gifts. So, moving on: What is the connection between Richard Alpert’s occasional shadow-produced “smoky eye” (pictured) and Smokey the monster? WHOA.

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