By Mandi Bierly
January 30, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Michael Ausiello isn’t the only one who loves Lauren Graham. ABC will shoot a pilot for the Gilmore Girls star’s (hopeful) return to TV. Read about the latest orders (more procedurals, CBS?), copy and paste our title cheat sheet at the end of the item into the comments section, and add your own TAGs (Totally Arbitrary Grades).

Let it Go: Lauren Graham will play a self-help guru who fails to follow her own advice when she’s dumped. As she told Ausiello recently, it’s a dark comedy, more Arrested Development than Men in Trees. The script is from Will & Grace vet Alex Herschlag, and Arrested‘s Mitch Hurwitz is among the exec producers. It sounds just safe enough to make it. And I mean that in a good way. TAG: B+

Back: According to The Hollywood Reporter, this CBS drama follows a man who “returns home, only to discover he had been reported missing eight years earlier, after Sept. 11. He must learn how to reconnect with his family and a world that moved on without him.” Interesting. Do I want to know why and to where he disappeared? Yes. Do I want it to be a season-long mystery, which is never solved because the show gets canceled? No. Also, I’m 50-50 on the title. TAG: B-

Washington Field CBS turns to its Criminal Minds exec producer Ed Bernero for this procedural, which The Hollywood Reporter says, is “named after [the] FBI’s Washington Field Office that houses the National Capital Response Squad, a unit comprising elite experts in different areas who travel around the world, responding to events that concern the U.S. national interest.” It sounds expensive if done right; standard-issue if done as expected. I’ll bump it up half a grade because it has the FBI’s cooperation.TAG: C

• Untitled Frank Military pilot: Variety doesn’t give much detail on this CBS drama from The Unit‘s Military, so it’s almost too cruel to TAG… It “involves a team of federal prosecutors in Manhattan’s U.S. Attorney’s office.” I wonder if Variety didn’t know more, knew more but didn’t have the space to write it, or knew more but didn’t waste the time writing it because unless all you care about is ratings, CBS DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER PROCEDURAL? (And, unless they’re trying to save us from a particularly bad reality show…) TAG: D

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The New Twenty: Back to ABC we go for this comedy pilot from Tad Quill (Scrubs). It sounds like it would be your cookie-cutter man-child plot, but maybe not. Variety says it “follows two friends in their 40s who are at different stages in life: One has a newborn child, while the other has a kid heading into college.” That’s different. Cast contingent, I like it. TAG: B

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CBS’ Washington Field:
CBS’ Untitled Frank Military pilot:
ABC’s The New Twenty

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