January 30, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

In his exit interview with People.com, Top Chef contestant Jeff McInnis said he thinks the show used him as “some kind of sex object.” (Huh? Isn’t that Fabio?) “Every single showthat I’ve ever seen, they have me with my shirt off in the beginning —which is kind of strange. I don’t run around the house naked half thetime like they portrayed me,” said Jeff. “It seems like a camera was alwaysfollowing me around trying to find me whenever I’m taking my clothesoff to change in the morning or at night. So, to be used like that isalways fun.” Dude! You’re on a reality show where 99% of the wardrobe is boxy white coats. The next-best thing to you with your shirt off seems to be copious shots of Leah toweling off her wet hair. (Seriously, quit showing that. It  makes me shiver.)

Someone whose personal-stats chyron (pictured) tricks the eyes into wondering “Does that say DILDO?” can’t be too surprised at this “sex object” association. Jeff, the only contestant to wink at the camera during the opening credits, needs some perspective. After all, he has yet to be featured in a promo while pretending to use a laptop propped up on his upper thigh, like Padma. That’s how you know Top Chef really thinks you’re sexy. You decide: Was Jeff being used inappropriately?

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