By Annie Barrett
Updated January 30, 2009 at 10:25 PM EST

Any product named “Flex” — especially one that promotes itself via lush, fire-colored digital squiggles and presumably hip people making the healthy choice to eat sushi — invokes something more along the lines of “hot new exercise equipment” than “car I should think about buying.” But mark my words: Michael Slezak will purchase a sexy new Ford Flex automobile by the end of American Idol, season 8. Why? Because Poe’s “Hey Pretty” is the most amazing/appropriate song to be used in a car commercial ever.

Slezak and I both admit to having rewound our DVRs to watch this commercial. That is so not the point of DVRs. This is huge. “Hey Pretty” even makes the featured merry band of diverse yuppies seem only semi-lame by association! It’s a marvel. Winner of the Week: POE.