January 30, 2009 at 10:42 PM EST

It’s officially Friday afternoon (at least here on the east coast), which most likely means that your body is stuck at work, while your mind has left the building to relax on the couch, catch up on its DVR backlog, and plan jaunty outfits for the weekend’s social gatherings. So in that spirit, I present to you the first four episodes of EW.com’s new series The Doll Bachelor. We’ve been embedding it every Tuesday in Kristen Baldwin’s ingenious Bachelor recap — if you haven’t been reading her column (blasphemy!), skip directly to this week’s edition without passing “Go” or collecting $200 — but figured we’d start doing encore viewings on Fridays. Word of warning: The Doll Bachelor is Rated VVW (Very Very Wrong) for doll nudity, doll Frenching, and doll profanity. Yes, that was my way of enticing you to press play. Because I know you’re a little bit twisted. (Yes, I meant you.) Enjoy!

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