By Jason Adams
Updated January 29, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Reading your responses to my colleague Jennifer Armstrong’s inaugural ShePop post on Jessica Simpson (which, as I type this, total 570 and counting), I noticed that while some comments were…let’s say, less than charitable to Ms. Simpson, others were fairly thoughtful and eloquent — and others just evoked possible song:

Kristy: “Leave her alone / She’s a real woman”

cha: “gaining weight = no issue here / hideous mom jeans = unforgivable”

lex: “you people all neeed to get a life / jessica looks better than ever”

Of course, the Adam Green half of Juno duo Moldy Peaches already penned his terrific “Jessica Simpson” ode a few years ago. As I was re-watching the video for it (below), my coworker and EW style guru Meeta Agrawal came in and said: “Why don’t you challenge the PopWatch faithful to write their own?” Good idea! PopWatchers, challenge on! (Note: Be nice, be nice.)