I was just clickin’ around the Internet yesterday when I came across an inexplicably buried item on MTV’s website that includes one of the best rumors I’ve ever heard: According to Joyce Wishnia Jane Lynch, director/actor/all-around walking pillar of awesome Christopher Guest may be taking his beloved 1996 cult classic Waiting for Guffman (a.k.a. The Funniest Movie Ever Made) to Broadway!! Now, this is all speculation at the moment. And furthermore, I’m more than a little tired of the whole movie-to-stage trend that’s overtaken Broadway in recent years. But in this case, I say DO IT, MR. GUEST! I can hardly think of a film more ripe for a tongue-in-cheek Broadway show than Guffman, the hysterical mockumentary about a theater troupe mounting Red, White and Blaine, a musical celebrating the sesquicentennial of Blaine, Mo., a sleepy little burg that’s widely recognized as the stool capital of the world.

Guffman didn’t make a lot of money when it was released, but it became an instant cult classic on home video, and its rabid fan base (what do we call ourselves? Guffies? Bastard People? Ass Faces?) can quote every wondrous line by heart. The cast is an unparalleled gaggle of funny: Fred Willard, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Parker Posey, Bob Balaban…and of course Guest himself, whose over-the-top performance as seething drama queen Corky St. Clair never grows old. Oh, and the music ain’t so bad, either! Who among us has not wondered what gems like “Stool Boom” and “Nothing Ever Happens On Mars” would look like on a Broadway stage?

What do you think? Should life, in this case, literally imitate art? Should Guest gather the surviving Guffman cast (RIP Paul Benedict and Lewis Arquette) and restage his side-splitting movie on the Great White Way? And if you’ve seen the deleted scenes on the Guffman DVD, are there any numbers that you think should make their way into a new show? Before you answer my questions, please enjoy Ron and Sheila Albertson’s memorable audition below.