By Mandi Bierly
January 29, 2009 at 09:45 PM EST

We tip our hat to the Evite blog for turning us on to Guac Bowl, “America’s Favorite Guacamole Contest/Super Bowl Party.” It began nine years ago when two roommates argued over who could make the better guac for Super Bowl Sunday. Today, the event — held at “Adam’s House” in Los Angeles (“Why: Immortality.”) — gives trophies in four categories: Best Traditional Guac, Best Alternative Guac, The Icarus Award (for the most ambitious, complete failure), and the crown jewel, Best Presentation (pictured, 2008 winner GuacAlien). Click on that last link, and I guarantee you’ll spend at least 20 minutes looking at the photos: Guaczilla, Guactanamo Bay, Guac of Love, D— in a Guac, Count Guacula, BaGuack Obama, Guac to the Future, Locke-a-mole (guess what’s inside the hatch?). You will not stop.

Is this the best Super Bowl party ever? Or, do you know a tradition that tops it?

addCredit(“Adam Pava”)