January 28, 2009 at 05:30 AM EST

Here come the A-listers to the D-List! Kathy Griffin tells that Bette Midler will show up for the first episode and other celebs like Lily Tomlin will make an appearance when My Life on the D-List bows on Bravo this summer. “I have to browbeat some A-list stars to come on. It is off the charts,” says Griffin, who spoke to while attending the recent Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Griffin has reportedly lured Christina Aguilera, Dave Grohl, and Taylor Swift to her show, as well. “My gays are gonna love it.”

Griffin also promises to have fun with a foodie. “We just went and shot with Paula Deen in Savannah. You think, Okay we will go down with her and probably have her teach us how to cook something and it will be fun. But it turns out we had this wild meal and everybody was drunk. People were falling down. It was so much more than I could ever hope for when we planned the segment. It is brilliant. Paula Deen knows how to party let me tell you.” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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