January 28, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Another day, another chance to TAG (Totally Arbitrary Grade), the latest pilot orders. Read the greenlights, copy and paste our title cheat sheet at the end of the item into the comments section, and add your marks.

• Untitled detective show: This adaptation of the Argentinian series Brothers and Detectives sounds like it should be coming from CBS, but it’s at ABC. According to Variety,it’s about “a Savannah police detective who discovers, after his fatherdies, that he has an 11-year-old brother with a genius IQ. The detectivewinds up partnering with his young brother, who helps him solvecrimes.” I’m guaranteed to watch something this crazy once; if you wantme back week-to-week, the casting has got to be perfect. I’m thinking the detective is either hot and goofy like Bones‘ David Boreanaz and NCIS‘ Michael Weatherly, or hot and eccentric like Life‘s Damian Lewis. Either way, I’m recommending Joseph Castanon, who I recently caught in the NCIS rerun “Honor Code,” for the boy. TAG: B

Off Duty: This NBC comedy pilot already has its cast in place. Per The Hollywood Reporter, it “centers on a once-legendary policedetective (Bradley Whitford) on his way down who complicates thelife of his new partner (Romany Malco) — a straight shooter on hisway up — both on duty and off.” Cashmere Mafia‘sBonnie Sommerville has just been added as Whitford’s wife. Again, thisis the kind of crazy I definitely want to see someone attempt…once.I just don’t know if I can see an interracial buddy cop comedy onThursday night. TAG: C+

An American Family: The antithesis to the network’s crapping out another simple ’80s remake would appear to be this ABC concoction. I’ll let THR break it down: It’s a docu-style comedy that “revolves around three families: onecomprised of a working dad, stay-at-home mom and two kids; anotherthat includes a 60-year-old man who becomes a stepfather aftermarrying a Latina who is 30 years his junior; and the third, a gaycouple who have just adopted a Vietnamese baby.” The Class‘ Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been cast as one of the gay dads. I’m feeling Ugly Betty-brand comedy on crack. TAG: B

addCredit(“Digital Vision/Getty Images”)

Day One: Scribe Jesse Alexander (Heroes, Alias, Lost) is behind this NBC offering, which gives it some cred. “The hourlong takes place following a catastrophic global event thatdestroys the world’s infrastructure. Action centers on a small group ofsurvivors,” Variety says. Bored now. TAG: C

I, Claudia: ABC moves forward with this pilot, which is said to revolve around a young prosecuting attorney who we’ll knowone day contends for the Oval Office, but watch now as she obsessesover her love life. I like it, if only because I can’t wait to see whothey cast. (NBC already has Hilary Duff and Kristin Chenoweth attached to legal shows, you’ll recall.) TAG: B+

Inside the Box: Grey’s Anatomy‘s Shonda Rhimes exec produces this ABC pilot, which, Varietysays, focuses on a female news producer and her colleagues in D.C.Again, I’m appreciative of the high levels of estrogen I’m detectingthis pilot season, but I’m crossing my fingers that Box is Sports Night meets Murphy Brown and not…Private Practice. TAG: B

Your turn. Copy, paste, and TAG time.

ABC’s untitled detective show:
NBC’s Off Duty:
ABC’s American Family:
NBC’s Day One:
ABC’s I, Claudia:
ABC’s Inside the Box:

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