By Jean Bentley
Updated January 28, 2009 at 10:18 PM EST

Indie covers of top 40 hits are as abundant as the number of performers at a Brooklyn coffee house open mic night. Every so often, one of those bands comes up with a version just as catchy as (or better than) the original. This week, it’s The Bird and the Bee’s cover of ”Don’t Stop the Music,” which sits atop my Must List (and my iTunes recently played) right now. The LA-based indie poppers turned Rihanna’s club banger into a sleepy ode to dancing with strangers. This isn’t just your average girl/guy-with-guitar redux — the lush harmonies and jazzy vibe transform the song completely. If the cover isn’t enough, check out the band’s latest album, Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future, which came out yesterday and got an A- from Whitney Pastorek.

Sway along to ”Don’t Stop the Music” below, then share what’s on your Must List right now. List up to three items from current TV/movies/music/books/games/online. Don’t forget your e-mail address, in case we decide to use your submission in the magazine. Deadline is Thursday, Jan. 29, at 10 a.m. ET.