By Michael Slezak
Updated January 28, 2009 at 08:05 AM EST

Late last week, I spent a little time updating a photo gallery called “Idol Flashback! Our First Impressions of 14 Series Standouts.” The article looked back at the very first words that’s Idol correspondents wrote about the show’s biggest stars — from Kelly Clarkson in season 1 to Carrie Underwood in season 4 (my first year covering the show) to the dueling Davids of season 7. The bad news is, we weren’t always right (sorry Jordin!). But the good news, for those of us wondering where the heck this season’s world-class singers are hiding, is that, well, we weren’t always right. Sometimes, mid-level auditioners can blossom into superstars during Hollywood Week, or even later, on the live Idol stage. Which has me wondering: Which season 8 contestant (if any) do you think is most likely to be showered in confetti come May? While tonight’s Jacksonville auditions were more promising than last week’s San Francisco debacle, I’ve still got my money on episode 1’s Deanna Brown — blonde chick with the raspy “(Sittin on) The Dock of the Bay” — as my favorite to date. On that note, I’m off to bang out my full TV Watch episode recap (it’s live on the site now, so ch-ch-check it out!). In the interim, watch our two latest episodes of Idolatry (the regular weekly kvetch session, as well as a Melinda Doolittle performance!!!) and share your thoughts in the comments section below.