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Jessica Simpson‘s the new Jennifer Love Hewitt, thanks to some much curvier photos of the pop singer performing at a recent Florida chili cook-off. The pics have prompted all kinds of internet talk about her weight — and we’re not about to pile onto that or condone it, of course. If the girl wants to eat chili — if she finds the country music scene more forgiving of non-stick-figures, if she likes sharing Southern cooking with much-discussed boyfriend Tony Romo — then God bless her for not starving herself. (God bless her also for just enjoying being ridiculously gorgeous, whatever her size.) But it also begs the question, in this very specific case: When a star has made herself famous by selling her personal life, where will the public dissection stop? And if you’re a conspiracy theorist (one who reads lots of tabloids), you might even wonder if she wants us to be having this exact discussion right now…?

(Check out some more curvy-Simpson photos after the jump.)

This also represents our first post in the category we like to call ShePop — because we’re clever like that — in which we’ll offer up a thinking woman’s perspective on stuff that’s wont to otherwise be shoved into a “girly” corner. We’ll discuss and debate everything that inspires us, enrages us, or even makes us laugh (we’re looking at you, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig).

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