You wanna know why I still love The L Word after all this time? It’s because it’s the only show I know of that can shock me into silence at least three times in one episode. First, there was the arrival of Elizabeth Berkley, who—God love her—always brings a little bit of that Showgirls stank with her no matter where she ends up. This go-round, she’s playing a former college roomie/apparent lover of Bette’s, a sort of art-world barracuda who oozes pheromones and trouble—and, come to think of it, bears a striking resemblance to Jerry Hall. (Incidentally, who else misses Kept?) Then there was Jenny and Shane’s quicker-than-expected reunion, the result of Jenny’s surprise revelation that she was in love with her best friend. (You had to have known this was coming; I was asking about it last year.) But really, The L Word really went for the gold last night: Max, a.k.a. the F-to-M transgender character who’s rarely onscreen and generally loathed by most fans, is pregnant. Yes, that’s right: The L Word has officially cribbed the Oprah-approved real-life tale of the now-infamous “pregnant man,” Thomas Beattie.

So…let’s talk about all this. How are you all coping with the Max-is-pregnant twist? Do you think the show will give us a story that’s cringe- or GLAAD Award-worthy? How do you feel about Shane and Jenny’s hookup? What else did you like—or hate—about last night’s episode? Lay it on me, my friends!