By Annie Barrett
Updated January 26, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

[High-pitched scream!] Flavor Flav and filmmaker Deon Taylor have announced that their BET movie Nite Tales (which aired on Halloween, and no, we’ve never heard of it either) will become a weekly anthology series for TV. According to Taylor, the 30-minute shows will be “Tales From the Crypt meets TheTwilight Zone, with Flav playing a role similar to Crypt‘sCryptkeeper as he did in the BET movie.” Good luck with that, Flav, but know that right now, I can’t stop imagining that the house in the too-lengthy trailer for Nite Tales (press play below) is actually the Flavor of Love house, complete with all three casts, and positively teeming with horrors, sores, and possibly Brigitte Nielsen about to get Pyscho‘d in the rarely used cellar bathtub. What do you think — Can Flav leap across genres into horror? To care or not to care? So many questions.

By the way, “Hey guys…there’s a clown at the door” (at 2:03) is my new catchphrase for the week. And in Nite Tales the series, that clown should obviously be played by New York. The face is spot-on!