By Tanner Stransky
Updated July 29, 2020 at 04:36 PM EDT

Every week that Ugly Betty airs, I bring you Ugly Betty Bites here on EW’s PopWatch blog. And every week, Ugly Betty Bites is dominated by the delightful Wilhelmina Slater, played by the divine Vanessa Williams. Not that I’m complaining about that. At all. But that’s not the case this week! Yes, she had a few great quips in last night’s episode, but the video reel of my favorites doesn’t include a single bite from her. For once! Instead, we’ve got some choice lines from, of course, Marc, Amanda, and Claire. And once quip from a newcomer: Suzuki St. Pierre! Yes, Suzuki is always saying great things on Fashion Buzz, but this week, he was a major player in Betty’s catastrophe-of-the-week storyline. Take a gander at my four favorite quips in the video below, and then vote in our poll. The rest of the bites—including, yes, a couple from Willy—are after the jump.

“Uh uh, heart attack or not, that’s just disgusting.” —Justin, after his grandpa Ignacio, who just had a heart attack, says he’s craving a chili dog

“Betty! You look fantastic. How many times did I tell you to stop eating that fatty Mexican food. You are too young to have a heart attack!” —Amanda, thinking that Betty has just had a heart attack instead of her father, Ignacio

“Unfortunately, we have roaches. I know, at first I was scared. And then I tried naming them. Oh, look! That’s little Betty. She’s just like you. A survivor.” —Amanda, correlating Betty to the roaches in their apartment

“I did miss work so. The look of fear in people’s faces.” —Wilhelmina, on why she loves work

“And I take it from your tan, you also got some sun. Or, is it that awful spray tan. You know, you look a bit jaundiced.” —Wilhelmina, with a quippy remark to Daniel

“Uh, suspicious? Even the special boy in the mail room put the two of us together.” —Wilhelmina, about her not-so-secret relationship with Connor

“All you need to know is that it’s expensive, illegal, and will even out your tan lines. You’re not allergic to panda are you?” —Wilhelmina, telling Connor about her remedy for clearing up their skiing tans

“I spent the entire time being groped by perverts in Montmarte… The French still appreciate something finely aged.” —Claire, about her vacation in Paris

“Marc, don’t just stand there like a gay flag pole. We want to celebrate. Go get something bubbly and expensive!” —Wilhelmina, to Marc

“Oh my God, is it your heart? I know Betty, but these things get passed down. They’re generic.” —Amanda, with an out-of-touch remark about Betty having a heart attack

“Marc, throw those people out of the conference room. I need to use it for the Gigi Lacoutre meeting. Actually, I’m in a good mood. I’ll throw them out myself.” —Wilhelmina, telling Marc how happy she is to throw some people out of the conference room

“Pictures of Daniel Meade having an affair with the fiancé of his CFO? In my business, we call that news, honey.” —Suzuki St. Pierre, on what makes news at Fashion Buzz

“Oh, why must God test the pretty people more so much more than the regular lovely people?” —Marc, on the hardships of his life

“You tell her what you know or I will tell everyone you have ambiguous genitalia, like a Ken doll. And that’s the kind of stank that don’t wash off.” —Amanda, threatening Suzuki St. Pierre’s ex-boyfriend

“When I graduated from Columbia j-school, you know, I wanted to be Woodward, Bernstein. But the only jobs available were Britney this, Angelina that… It’s the stuff Suzuki loves. You think Fashion Buzz would go near a guy like me? I mean, look at me: But as a fabulous, bitchy queen, the fashion world welcomed me with open, well-toned arms.” —Suzuki St. Pierre, about why he poses as a queen on Fashion Buzz when he’s really a dad with kids who lives in New Jersey

“I had no idea you were here. Which is particularly tragic since I specifically told my assistant to call me as soon as you all arrived. It’s beginning to be a problem. So if it happens again, it’ll be back tospritzing perfume at the makeup counter.” —Willy, after Marc didn’t tell her that her guests had arrived

“Getting thrown under the bus to make me look good is part of your job… unless of course you’d like to find another one.” —Wilhelmina, after Marc complains that she made him look bad

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