January 23, 2009 at 06:36 PM EST

Remember when I wrote in this space that I wanted to get into Supernatural, and asked for your help? Well, thanks much! I am now thoroughly immersed in the ‘Natural now, and last night’s new episode, the evocatively titled “Criss Angel Is A Douchebag,” was pretty terrific, wasn’t it? I liked the way the episode mixed a stand-alone mystery (something is enabling an old magaician to regain his skills while also killing other people when he performs tricks) with a nice dollop of Supernatural mythology (Sam’s temptation by Ruby to go off with her).

The episode, written by Julie Siege (great name for a writer), included both a nice swipe at pseudo-punk-magician Criss Angel (not just in the title but in the character of the obnoxious “Jeb Dexter”) and dexterous performances by veteran actors Barry Bostwick, John Rubenstein, and Richard Libertini.

Am I right, Supernatural fans? Was this a good one, a solid B+, or am I just operating with the enthusiasm of a newbie? And thanks again for all your episode-recommendations–I’m plowing through much of the past seasons based on your suggestions.

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