January 23, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Two and a Half Men

Who makes the mugs that are featured on Two and a Half Men? — Ashley

When sitting down for breakfast, bachelors Charlie (Charlie Sheen, above) and Alan (Jon Cryer) get their caffeine fix from Tabletops Unlimited’s ”Sedona” mugs. The cups had been discontinued, but thanks to their appearance on Men, they’ve been rereleased for purchase at ttustore.com ($30 for a set of four).

Bride Wars

I really love the dress Anne Hathaway wears during the dance-lesson scene in Bride Wars. Help me find it! — Gabrielle

Hathaway proves that not all bridezillas have to look as tacky as they act, in the convertible two-tone ”Hanna” dress from Butter by Nadia ($99 at Calypso; calypso-celle.com).


Where can I get Emily Deschanel’s necklaces from Bones? — Kathi

Deschanel’s jewelry is made by Kate Lindsay, who uses found objects (like the Tibetan amulet, above) to craft the one-of-a-kind pieces (which start at $500). To order your own, go to katelindsay.com.

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