By Mike Bruno
January 23, 2009 at 04:59 PM EST

On last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan suffered a penile fracture while doing the deed in a closet with Lexie. As much as I’d like to just let that statement stand alone, a quick look at Google’s search patterns this morning teach us two things about this show. The most popular search term early this morning, according to Google Trends, was “penile fracture”; “broken penis” was No. 4; and “can you break your penis” was in at No. 23. That’s a lot of people searching for info about a broken johnson, and while many of them are probably just trying to satisfy a morbid curiosity born out of the horrific incident on their favorite nighttime soap, the “can you break” term, especially, seems to bolster the claim that more men watch this show than we may think. Not to discount those unfortunate female viewers who wondered if last night’s episode explained “why it doesn’t work any more,” but it seems likely that search was mostly guys wondering how real this danger actually is. Which leads to the second thing we learned from all this: Men have a latent fear that they will one day break their penis. With all the ridiculous sexcapades on Grey’s, you’d think viewers would just laugh off McSteamy’s tragedy. Yet, after all the chuckling, squirming, and “Aw, hon”-ing with their loved ones ended, once the TV set was turned off, a whole lotta men ran to the computer to find out how they can avoid fracturing their little friend.

Now admit it, male PopWatchers: How many of you are secret Grey’s fans who ran to your computer and asked Google how you could avoid McSteamy’s fate? And ladies, you get in on this, too: How many of you wondered after that episode if you had to worry about breaking someone’s pee-pee?

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