The Dark Knight has opened in IMAX once again! Starting today, 143 domestic screens (and 29 international!) will make it seem like Christian Bale is about to drive that thing RIGHT INTO YOUR NOSTRILS. TDK is the first major Hollywood movie to be partially shot by IMAX cameras; six sequences in particular were intended to attack you from all angles on the big screen. Check the complete list of IMAX locations at

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing TDK in IMAX, but it's with a heavy heart. I fear it's gonna be so good that I'll have to relegate my current all-time favorite IMAX movie — Michael Jordan to the Max — to second place. My collection of commemorative Chicago Bulls Starter tees (repeat, three-peat, single peat, etc.) would probably never speak to me again. And then what?

Will you see The Dark Knight in IMAX again? And name your favorite IMAX scene ever! My wingspan apparently could use some expansion

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