By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated January 22, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Don’t tell me everything is different now that Barack Obama is president. Not as long as Bill O’Reilly is still starting idiotic feuds with rappers for no reason at all. I wouldn’t watch that clown’s show if you paid me, but Eskay over at Nah Right notes that O’Reilly and guest Dennis Miller spent part of last night’s Factor taking aim at Young Jeezy and Jay-Z for the severe crime of…performing a pro-Obama, anti-Bush rap song a couple nights before the inauguration. Scandal! Watch the clip below, and you tell me if you can figure out what exactly Billo and Millo’s complaint was here. The verses in question contained a couple of emphatic profanities, sure — and O’Reilly knows from those — but otherwise those lyrics were fairly tame. They certainly weren’t “hateful” in any meaningful way. Obviously, though, it doesn’t take very much to get O’Reilly throwing around loaded terms like “low-class” and Miller citing condescending statistics about single parenthood rates (???).

At least O’Reilly’s honest some of the time: “I don’t know much about Young Jeezy,” he admitted. “It’s possible he’ll appear on the Factor soon.” So maybe this segment was all just a ploy to bait Jeezy — or, as erstwhile comedian Miller inexplicably called him, “Emphysema” — to come on the show. I bet Bill could use the extra ratings. Would you watch it, or are you already as tired of this non-controversy as I am?

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