By Lynette Rice
Updated January 22, 2009 at 06:42 AM EST

According to an Internet report, ER alum George Clooney will return to the medical drama this week to shoot a cameo for the departing show. NBC would neither confirm nor deny the story to EW, but it seems highly likely, especially given what executive producer David Zabel told EW exclusively last year. To wrap the show’s final season, Zabel said he wanted to revisit characters that have existed in the ER over the years and say where they are now. “We’d love to get them all back in some way, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to,” says Zabel of actors like Clooney (Doug) and Julianna Margulies (Carol). “But we’re gonna try.”

The producers already convinced Anthony Edwards (Mark Greene), Alex Kingston (Elizabeth Corday), Laura Innes (Kerry Weaver), and Paul McCrane (Dr. Romano) to return to the ER this season, while Noah Wyle (Carter) was already contracted to make several appearances. Eriq LaSalle, who played Dr. Benton, directed the Edwards episode. The series finale is April 2.