By Michael Slezak
Updated December 20, 2019 at 04:26 AM EST

Greetings, Idoloonies! After a lackluster Tuesday-night show focusing on the San Francisco auditions, I’m deeply concerned yet strangely (delusionally?) hopeful that tonight’s American Idol tryouts from Louisville, KY, will showcase the kind of potentially A-list talent that’s made the show such an addictive treat for the last seven seasons. Future Fantasia Barrinos and Chris Daughtrys, please stand up! Like, immediately! We need you! Anyhow, I’ve got a family obligation tonight that means I’ll be watching the proceedings on DVR — though unlike all of you lucky cats, I can’t fast-forward through the boring parts — so until I post my TV Watch recap sometime around 6 a.m., I figured I’d offer up this blog post as a place where you can discuss the episode. I also took the liberty of embedding the Idolatry season premiere, because, well, it’s not every day you get to see Melinda Doolittle pitch a fit. How hilarious is this woman?