By Annie Barrett
Updated December 20, 2019 at 04:39 AM EST

While scanning the 2009 Razzie Award nominations this morning, I wondered how this year’s worst film offerings (The Hottie and the Nottie, Love Guru, etc.) compared to the bottom feeders of years past. Enter today’s Site of the Day: The All-Time Low Scores on I’m not proud to report that even though this list is likely intended to have the opposite effect, it kind of makes me want to see Bio Dome. And I’m pretty psyched that Caffeine, the awful Mena Suvari/Katherine Heigl movie that I routinely managed to watch-without-really-watching on HBO or Showtime during a particularly pathetic patch of 2008, ranked 200 on the Worst List. That movie is the word “awful” come to life. In Britain!

I’m thankfully unfamiliar with most of this year’s Razzie noms — excluding Al Pacino’s Worst Actor turn in 88 Minutes. Indeed, I saw 88 Minutes IN THE THEATER. Under the very worthy excuse of “having an interview with Ben McKenzie” (pictured, behind Pacino), of course. ‘Fess up: What was the absolute worst movie you paid to see in 2008?