By Annie Barrett
Updated January 21, 2009 at 07:45 PM EST

On last night’s Dancing With the Stars, former frontrunner couple Barack and Michelle took a bit of a dip in terms of performance level. But not a big enoughdip, if you know what I mean!

After their tender but staid foxtrot, head judge DANCMSTR Len Goodman complimented Barack’s “core,” which he recalled fondly from a paparazzi beach photo, but harped on his nearly nonexistent footwork. Bruno Tonioli praised the couple’s chemistry and called Michelle “a beautiful swan under the curse of an evil sorcerer, afraid to flutter its wings lest they get cilpped by ten thousand flashes of fancy!” Nobody knew what that meant. Carrie Ann Inaba merely stood up, pointed to her tears and wailed, alternating between two equally horrific pitches. Still, Barack and Michelle scored a respectable 21 out of 30 and should fully redeem themselves in next week’s freestyle.

In better news, Samantha Harris had her best episode yet. And to get Beyoncé to perform on Dancing With the Stars — what a coup!

Did you tune in for ABC’s Neighborhood Ball or any of last night’s other inauguration specials? Can you still not get enough Obama media dazzle, or have you about had it with the glitter?

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