By Mandi Bierly
Updated January 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Fox has been busy greenlighting pilots, and some are sounding more promising than others. Variety has a rundown of the latest scripts set to go infront of the lens: Weigh in below…

Walorsky: Ordered before Paul Blart: Mall Cop took the top spot at least weekend’s box office, this comedy is said to revolve around an ex-cop who now charged with keeping a Buffalo, NY shopping mall safe. “He’s forced to start caring about his job — and not just Buffalo sports — when he’s partnered with a rookie,” Variety says. Casting will be crucial, but I’m actually kinda digging a potential send-up of the cop-buddy genre. TAG (Totally Arbitrary Grade): B

Sons of Tucson: The comedy “revolves around a hustler who’s hired by three young brothers to act as their father.” Title feels a bit stale, and I’m guessing by “hustler” they don’t mean of the escort variety. TAG: C

The Station: Ben Stiller will exec produce this comedy which “takes place in a covert CIA office in South America, where the team must install a new dictator.” If it’s a send-up of procedurals and features a new mission every week, I’m in. TAG: B+

Two Dollar Beer: I love me some blue-collar comedy, but I hate me that title. This sitcom “centers on a Detroit couple and their family and friends, all of whom must adjust to the changing world around them.” That’s sufficiently generic-sounding, but it’s from The Upside of Anger writer-director Mike Binder, so there’s probably some depth. TAG: C+

HumanTarget: Based on the DC Comics character, it revolves around a “mysterious freelancer Christopher Chance, whotakes on a different identity each week to help those in need.” McG is among the exec producers (plus!), but ABC already tried to adapt the title in 1992 — with Rick Springfield in the lead (minus!). TAG: B

Maggie Hill: It’sa medical drama about “a female surgeon who managesto work around her schizophrenia thanks to modern medicine.” I’d be more psyched if she had multiple personalities, but it’s nice to see female lead. (Also, it sounds like it could do well in repeats a few years from now on TNT.) TAG: A-

• “Untitled reincarnation project”: This drama “focuses on investigators who try to resolve their clients’current woes by solving the mysteries encountered in their previouslives.” The concept sounds interesting… and confusing. How do you film that? TAG: B

Which shows receive your highest and lowest totally arbitrary grades?

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