By Marc Vera
Updated January 20, 2009 at 09:14 PM EST

The season finale of Momma’s Boys left me with more questions than answers. Why would anyone subject themselves to this kind of torture? Why did NBC put the show on during the holidays (and not the summer)? But mostly, how much of of the show was completely staged? Yes, I know most reality TV has a planned out story line and the producers know how they want things to turn out, but this show was a bit too perfect. It could also be that they found the perfect cast, who molded perfectly into what the producers wanted.

Of the three guys, JoJo Bojanowski had the worst mom. Like I mentioned in the first recap, it really seems like his mother wants to bed him. Sure, the producers mixed in audio bits from her first tape with things she said on “their date,” but what mother says their son is “sexy, good looking, handsome, has great muscles, and great teeth.” There was such a creepy undertone with every compliment she gave. I’m surprised she didn’t slip her tongue down his throat after parasailing. But JoJo was smart and knew that his mom was keeping the leash tight. Thank god he realized how messed up her actions were and basically dumped his mom for Mindy. You have to give it to Mindy for having the guts to tell Mrs. B and JoJo that her parents brought her up to be “respectful, classy, and well-rounded.” Yes Mrs. B, that was a slam in your direction, and for everything you said on the show. Of course, Mrs. B was pissed with JoJo’s decision and didn’t want to do her final exit interview. No loss there, like we really wanted to hear more hatred spew out of her mouth.

Esther (Rob’s mom) basically chopped off his balls. At one point I thought Esther was this great, open-minded woman, and then she flipped when she saw her son falling for an African-American woman. It was only when Rob was with Camilla that Esther thought she “wasn’t right for the family” and “wouldn’t fit in.” And while she approved of Lauren, she also seemed to approve of Nikki, the other white girl Rob brought to the islands. Interesting Esther, interesting. Rob wanted to choose Camilla, but Esther’s claws sank deep and his guilt led him to Lauren. (Anyone else notice how short Lauren’s skirt was at the elimination? And when she went in for that first kiss on their date?! FAKE!) Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, as we learned that he left the islands early, sans Lauren.

addCredit(“Paul Drinkwater/NBC”)

But the whole show was really hinging on Erica’s confession to Michael that she was the 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year. With how much they mentioned Penthouse this episode, along with showing covers, I wondered if there wasn’t some sort of odd marketing deal going on. Their last date appeared to be bliss with Michael stating it was “the best day of his life.” Hell, they even played Enya-esque music during the whole date montage. But after finding out the news, Michael really looked distraught, which is understandable, and it seemed he was thinking 1 of 3 three things: “Holy crap, I didn’t think she was hot enough to be in Penthouse!” “Hell YES! I made out with the Penthouse Pet of the Year!” or “Whoa. A hell of a lot of guys know what she looks like naked.” It was probably the latter, as he was more concerned than Lorraine (his mom), about Erica’s past. “Mom, have you see Penthouse?” While Erica’s nude work did her in, she gained a friend in Lorraine, which I was happy for. I wouldn’t have chosen Amanda, simply for that dress she wore at elimination that made her look like a female bodybuilder.

And another crappy, yet horribly addicting reality show ends. I kinda hope it never returns because I don’t like hating moms. What did you think of the finale? Did it turn out how you hoped? What would you tell Esther and Mrs. B about their actions?