By Michael Ausiello
Updated January 19, 2009 at 09:27 AM EST

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Think you’re down in the dumps about Eli Stone‘s cancellation? Look at the havoc it’s about to wreak on Robert and Kitty’s marriage on Brothers & Sisters!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Eli‘s premature demise has paved the way for Matt Letscher (a.k.a. Eli’s bro, Nathan) to join B&S for a multi-episode arc as a potential romantic interest for Kitty (Calista Flockhart).

Letscher’s character, a recent widower, befriends Kitty during a particularly tumultuous time in her marriage. He’s scheduled to start airing in April.

“It’s going to become a serious complication,” reveals executive producer Monica Breen, ominously.

How serious of a complication are we talking? And how did Robert and Kitty’s relationship become so strained that it would lead her to consider straying? Stay tuned to B&S this April and you’ll find out!

Just kidding, I’ll tell you Wednesday in Ask Ausiello.

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