By Mike Bruno
Updated August 04, 2020 at 10:58 AM EDT

Funny Or Die has the first episode of New Zealand’s fourth-most popular comedy-folk duo’s upcoming second season (debuts on HBO Jan. 18), and it seems things pick up where we left off, with Murray rocking expensive suits from his Crazy Doggz bankroll and Bret and Jemaine feeling neglected. After a heated band meeting, the guys fire Murray (prompting the dejected manager to break into operatic rooftop song) and sign on to write a jingle for a new organic toothpaste for women (one early iteration: “Some women like men, some are lesbians…Femident toothpaaaaste”). Naturally, toothpaste-headwear hilarity ensues, and by the end, things are back to normal again for the three pals. Good episode. SO psyched for new Conchords — it has been way too long. Who’s with me? Season 2 Online Premiere – Flight of the Conchords (US Only) – watch more funny videos

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