By Adam B. Vary
Updated January 17, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

It’s pretty hard to miss Amy Poehler’s puckish cackle — we could all hear it clear from the other side of the Sundance EW Loft yesterday while she and the rest of the cast of Spring Breakdown (Poehler, Parker Posey, Rachel Dratch, Jane Lynch, and Missi Pyle) had their portraits taken in the EW photo studio. They all had good reason to be so lighthearted. The movie, about a geeky trio of single thirtysomething ladies who decide to go on the debauched spring break they never had in college, has been sitting on the Warner Bros. shelf for just about two years awaiting release. Its midnight premiere last night was the first time the ladies would get to see it in front of a theatrical audience.

“It’s awesome that it’s here,” Poehler said after the photo shoot, wearing a pair of New Years Eve “2009” sunglasses. “I think it’s going to be bought by a billionaire,” she continued, before Posey interjected, “and shown in his secret lair.” (Actually, the movie is set for a DVD release next month.) Dratch, who conceived the story with writer-director Ryan Shiraki (the 2004 Sundance film Home of Phobia), felt Spring Breakdown was perfect counterprogramming. “Having it in Sundance and seeing all the serious stuff [here],” Dratch said, “it’s kind of fun to have a goofy comedy thrown in there every so often.”

With that — and after Posey wiped some schmutz from my nose — the ladies were off to their next Sundance gig in an unseasonably warm Park City, Utah. The plan was for me to follow them with one of those totally adorable Mino Flip HD cameras to give you all a “ride around” glimpse of what the Sundance experience is like. But then they decided to walk up Main Street instead, so I had to get very good very quickly at walking backwards while shooting video. As you’ll see below, I wasn’t exactly successful.