This is it, people! Tomorrow night, the countdown to the last-ever episode of The L Word shall commence! Yes, the best little only American lesbian drama series in all the land is packing up its U-Haul and driving into TV history in just a few short months. Longtime fans are, I think, especially excited about the series’ final big story arc, because hi? They’re killing off Jenny Schecter!!!! Personally, I’ve long secretly loved Mia Kirshner’s completely off-the-wall, totally bonkers performance. That is, if you believe she’s really acting. Having met and interviewed her twice, I can assure you that jury is very much out.

But enough with the storylines and on to the real reason for this post: That theme song. When The L Word debuted, its theme song wasn’t much of a “song” at all — it was about 10 crisp seconds of synthesized club noise that worked perfectly with the groundbreaking show it was introducing. Then…then…then came season 2, when the godawful girl group Betty recorded a godawful new intro that quickly earned a reputation as THE WORST TV THEME SONG IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. (Sorry, Just the Ten of Us!) This atonal ode to, um, women (“Chicks drivin’ fast/Ingenuuuues with long lashes!”) is every self-respecting L Word fan’s bete noire, and because it’s really that bad, I force myself to sit through the opening credits every time I watch an episode. There’s just something about the way the women of Betty hit — or rather, don’t come one bit close to hitting — the song’s treacherous final note that truly makes life worth living. It hurts so good. So very, very good, in fact, that I feel compelled to share it with you now.

So! PopWatchers, are you slowly bleeding to death from your ears, or are you still lucid enough to share your opinion of the song below? Furthermore, are you sad to see The L Word sign off? What would you like to see happen in the final season? And which character will you miss the most? Please don’t say Kit.

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