The final season of Showtime’s lesbian drama The L Word kicks off Sunday night with a ginormous murder mystery at its center, and unless you fans have been living under a rock, the victim is the show’s most love/hate-worthy character, Jenny Schecter. But never mind all that: Showtime is already looking ahead to a potential spinoff, The Farm. Earlier this week, network president Robert Greenblatt revealed that the series would revolve around Leisha Hailey’s character, Alice (pictured), who’ll be sent to prison. Which immediately begged the question: Um, didn’t they just reveal the murderer??

EW rang up creator Ilene Chaiken to clarify the big reveal. According to her, the murder-mystery storyline was created before talk of a spinoff even began. “My answer to your question is this: If the new show goes on the air, it will be connected to the Who-Killed-Jenny? storyline, and I would say that that’s what Alice is in prison for. I don’t know that she actually killed Jenny…” And she remains coy about whether or not she’s pleased to have the mystery essentially spoiled. “We still have opportunities to resolve the storyline in different ways,” she promises, though she says that no alternate endings were shot—and that are no current plans to shoot new scenes. “To me, it’s not as if the entire final season is only about the murder mystery. It’s all about life and love and everything else that the show fumbled around and wanted to be about.”

Chaiken confirms that three actresses—Melissa Leo, Laurie Metcalf, and Famke Janssen—filmed roles for the potential series. Leo and Metcalf play prison administration officials, while Janssen takes on the role of a fellow prisoner. And don’t go looking for Alice to rock any pink couture jumpsuits on the show. “The tone of the show could not be more different,” says Chaiken. (Indeed, Greenblatt has described it as a “female Oz.”) “It’s not about fashion and glamour.”

Of course, we’ve still gotta get through the final eight episodes of The L Word. And you longtime fans out there will be thrilled to hear about the return of five beloved former characters for the final hour! Chaiken tells EW that Eric Mabius (Tim), Holland Taylor (Peggy Peabody), Karina Lombard (Marina), Kelly Lynch (Ivan), and Sarah Shahi (Carmen) all filmed new scenes for the series finale.