By Lisa Schwarzbaum
January 16, 2009 at 05:07 PM EST

Only the thick program catalog I studied yesterday in anticipation of today’s first full day of movie-going could convince me that the 2009 Sundance Film Festival hadn’t  morphed into an eco-fair: The place is shimmering with the self-conscious good intentions of environmental awareness: Half-liter BPA-free Nalgene bottles with the message “I pledge to reduce bottled water waste” distributed so we don’t strew disposable plastic; a Honda Insight hybrid in fly-me-to-the-moon blue permanently parked in front of the festival headquarters at the Park City Marriott like a promotional sentry; walking distances between screening venues helpfully calculated by the Timberland boot company, a new sponsor; exhortations to reuse, recycle, save your hotel bath towels, don’t print out your email, and buy items made of hemp (or is it bamboo? Organic rubber tires? Renewable Naugahyde?) from the Sundance Film Festival souvenir shop. Intent on saving the planet my first day in Park City, I read (but did not print out) a press release from a sponsor stressing its green-iosity, only to discover it was absinthe.

In between carting groceries to my hotel room in a sack made of recycled floor mops, I studied up for today’s movie-going, which may or may not include last night’s opening-night film, Mary and Max, an Australian claymation fable; Humpday (pictured), about a couple of straight guys who plan to enter an amateur porn contest — by having sex with each other; Toe to Toe, about two competitive lacrosse-playing girls at a fancy prep school; and stuff as yet to be discovered and shared with you on Saturday.

Meanwhile, help me figure this out: I’ve received multiple press releases about how “Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are partnering with MySpace at the Sundance Film Festival to film celebrities as they make a pledge of service to President-elect Obama.” And what I want to know is: 1) Who would you like to see pledge, and what would you like that pledge to be? And also: 2) Do you think this gobbledygook is real, or a an elaborate edition of Punk’d?