Not that anyone needs another reason to like Steve Carell, but the Office star has given us one: He recently purchased the Marshfield Hills General Store in his native Massachusetts. The actor and his family spend their summers in Marshfield Hills, and, as Carell told the Boston Globe in an email: “This is much more of an emotional investment than a business one….I saw an opportunity to help to preserve a little piece of history. I also felt that places like the Marshfield Hills General Store represent a gathering place, and give people a sense of community. These spots are growing more and more scarce. I hope to keep this particular one alive and well.”

While Carell’s local sister-in-law will man the shop most of the time, Steve expects to pitch in when he’s in town: “I will be manning the cash register and stocking the shelves as time permits!” he said. We’re all thinking road trip, yes? What would you say to Carell if you saw him behind the counter? After I asked him how much the Atomic Fireballs cost (look casual!), I would probably launch into the story about how my friend Christa, a photo editor on a shoot he did for TV Guide years ago when he was still on The Daily Show, framed one of the outtakes and hung it in her bathroom. I think he would appreciate that.

Can we possibly love Carell any more, PopWatchers? Who’s planning this road trip?

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