January 15, 2009 at 08:24 PM EST

According to Zap2It, Archie Arnett’s mama’s upcoming NBC sitcom will follow The Office‘s general documentary style and revolve around a similarly clueless boss: “Set in the parks & recreation department of a local city governmentin some podunk town, Poehler will play a delusional employee, totallyunaware that she doesn’t work in high ranking politics.” To me, this screams less “Michael Scott” than “Lieutenant Jim Dangle” (Thomas Lennon’s character on Reno 911, pictured), so I can only hope that Poehler’s character will conduct meetings in the slightly NSFW style of the Reno Sheriff’s Department.

THR.com reports today that Upright Citizens Brigade player Aubrey Plaza will costar as an intern to Poehler’s deputy chairman in Pawnee, Indiana. I’m already loving the improv potential of this show, not to mention we already know Amy Poehler looks cute in earth tones due to her stint as G.O.B.’s army wife on Arrested Development. So there’s a plus. WOW, that’s a stretch. What about you — do you like the parks department concept?

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