As the new season premiere nears, we're reviewing the story so far for those late to the party and for fans combing for clues to the final Cylon. Today: The third cycle, from the Cylon Occupation to Saul Tigh's big reveal

By EW Staff
Updated January 15, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

EPISODE: ”Occupation”

PLOT SUMMARY: Four months after the Cylons returned, we jump right into scenes that sum up the desperation and fear that reigned in occupation-era New Caprica: Ellen ferociously screws one of the Cavils in order to secure a one-eyed Tigh’s release from detention. A long-haired Starbuck is playing a twisted, homicidal version of house with Leoben. And Tyrol and Anders are sowing the seeds of armed insurrection. Meanwhile a guilty Adama and fat Apollo are on Galactica and Pegasus training and waiting to make contact with the resistance on the planet. Tyrol is being passed government secrets from an unknown informant (who turns out to be Gaeta, who’s working as President Baltar’s assistant). The Cylons bully and cajole Baltar into doing their bidding, which further fuels hatred for the crazy genius. But it seems that the occupation hasn’t stopped the coupling: Starbuck and Anders are married, as are Apollo and Dualla. A much-hated human police force has formed under the rule of the Cylons, and their graduation ceremony, which Baltar is supposed to attend but ultimately skips, is chosen as the site of the resistance’s first suicide bombing — championed by Tigh, feared by Tyrol. And after months of having their signals jammed, Tigh et al. finally make contact with Galactica and get a message of hope.

CRITIQUE: BSG truly upped the social commentary ante by introducing the suicide bomber story and drove home the stakes of the four-month long occupation.

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