If we can all agree that Steve McQueen is the coolest actor in the history of ever, then this just-announced Steve McQueen biopic should be the coolest movie in the history of ever, right? There are a thousand things that can go wrong between now and whenever this movie gets released — bad writing, horrible direction, shooting in Smell-o-vision, etc. — but here’s the one thing they need to do right:

Cast Damian Lewis (far left) as McQueen.

That was the first thing that struck me upon seeing him as Dick Winters in HBO’s Band of Brothers miniseries, how much he looked like the man. And then watching him work the detective beat in Life sealed it. No, he’s not a movie star, he’s just a damned good actor who’d be the spot on choice.

Okay, let’s pretend I’m wrong (which I’m not, but go on)…who would you cast?