By Amy Wilkinson
Updated January 14, 2009 at 06:34 PM EST

The Biggest Loser

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Following a twist-filled first week where nine contestants were sent home to sweat solo, the remaining 11 came face-to-face with the fickle mistress that is week 2. While the cool coquette showed her love to a few lucky contestants, many had to settle for single-digit weight losses. Also, a blister on the sole of the BL gang: “Silver bullet” Joelle, pictured (more on that to come).

This week, Alison presented the group with their first temptation challenge, and it was a doozy. Donuts and cheeseburgers — while tasty — are fleeting, but cold, hard cash is forever…unless you fritter it away on donuts and cheeseburgers. The contestants lined up behind a white line and were offered $5,000 to cross it, the catch being that once they crossed the line they were eliminated from the show for good. When no one budged, Alison upped the ante to $10,000. If Joelle were a cartoon character this would have been the moment slot machine cherries, dollar signs, and stars would have whizzed through her eye sockets as she contemplated the house she could buy for $10K in Michigan. Part of me can’t blame her — she does live with her mother. Joelle’s toes drew ever closer to the line as Alison finally bumped the total up to $25,000, but in the end, all 11 players walked away.

Perhaps hearing my plea last week for a real challenge, BL producers put away the sandbox and dropped the players onto the high seas (or maybe just the nearest big lake — whatevs). After making their way to shore in pedal-powered kayaks, they were faced with a steep mountain hike before crossing the finish line. At stake was immunity and for the first four finishers, phone calls home. The last-place finisher would also receive something — a penalty pound added to his/her weight during weigh in. Go-getter Tara took first place while Dan finished in last place. That additional pound would be Dan’s undoing during the elimination round sending him below the yellow line with Jerry. But it was the lovable grandpa who was sent home (and didn’t he look fantastic in the after video with wife and partner Estella?).

How the rest of the episode unfolded, and my favorite player so far, after the jump.

Heaviest moment: “I was possessed by Jillian Michaels,” Bobadmitted after an altercation with Joelle. The normally cool-as-a-snack-pack-of-Jell-O trainer dropped more F-bombs than a member of theSoprano family when the silver bullet kept stopping her 30-secondsprint 10 seconds too early. Even hot-headed Jillian was amazed. “Ihave never seen Bob that mad.”

Biggest Loser(s): The cousin couple of Blaine and Dane ruled the scales, losing a combined 30 lbs.

Honorable mention: She may have lost just 1lb. this week, butgreen queen Tara was the envy of all when she blazed up that mountainduring the challenge, not only winning a phone call home (which shegifted to Filipe), but also securing much-needed immunity. Thishard-working, level-headed player is quickly becoming my favorite ofthe bunch.

Any favorites for you yet, PopWatchers? Time to weigh in. Did lazyJoelle annoy you as much as she did me? Who will be the next to go?Aren’t you glad were getting to see how the players at home are fairing,too?

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