By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated August 04, 2020 at 01:51 PM EDT
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Last night brought a surprise for Bruce Springsteen fans: Right around dinner time, his album Working on a Dream leaked online all at once, two weeks before its scheduled Jan. 27 release date. I’m not about to provide any links to pirated music, but I hear that those so inclined shouldn’t have much trouble finding this. Now, as it happens, I already wrote a review of Working on a Dream for the issue of EW that will hit stands on Jan. 26. So with these songs already spreading like wildfire, I just want to make it known that this album is absolutely one worth waiting to buy on release day.

I love Working on a Dream. I say that based on hearing the proper CD, not some random digital rip, and I have a feeling most Springsteen fans will come to agree. It’s very different in tone from the last two records Springsteen has made with the E Street Band: Personal rather than political, subtle gestures rather than grand statements. What’s more, you can just tell it’s the kind of album that will reveal more of itself the more you listen. I can’t wait to really dig into Working on a Dream in the weeks and months after I get my hands on a physical copy.

All that said, have any of you caved to temptation and heard the leak yet? If so, what’s your favorite song so far? Mine at the moment is “My Lucky Day,” which those of you who are staying strong and waiting for the actual release date (bravo!) can enjoy in the Boss’ official promo video below. It’s a real sugar rush of a tune in the best way, don’t you think?

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