By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 04, 2020 at 02:36 PM EDT
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TNT has picked up 10 episodes of Ray Romano‘s “midlife crisis drama” Men of a Certain Age. While I’m excited to see Ray back on TV — if you’re not an Everybody Loves Raymond fan, it’s because you never saw it — I’m even more psyched for a weekly dose of Scott Bakula, who’ll costar with Romano and Andre Braugher as aging college buddies.

I’ve always been honest about my love for Bakula (pictured, near left), whether I was searching for that clip of him seducing Candice Bergen on Murphy Brown last year (watch it below), or chatting with Star Trek: Enterprise exec producer Brannon Braga about what would become their final season in 2004:

Me: I just watched the last three episodes of season 3, so hopefully I’ll sound somewhat intelligent as we talk about season 4.
Braga: You’re not a Star Trek fan, are you?
Me: I’m not. But I tried to be prepared, and I enjoyed the shot of Scott Bakula shirtless very much.
Braga: We always try to get that in there. Look, the guy’s got a great body, and we definitely get him topless as much as we can. But it was not a conscious effort in the last three episodes.

Who else loves Scott Bakula? (And which episodes of Enterprise do I need to be watching? You know the kind I’d like…)


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