By Simon Vozick-Levinson
January 13, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Welcome to this year’s first edition of EW’s New Music Roundup,aregular post highlighting the “Download This” track recommendationsfrom the latest crop of music reviews found in Entertainment Weekly.All songs are from albums that are in stores now, and most are readilyavailable via iTunes, eMusic, or similar services. Enjoy — and be sureto share with your fellow readers if you’ve got opinions on any of thefollowing albums or singles…

Animal Collective (pictured, far left), Merriweather Post Pavilion
Genre: Indie Rock
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “Brother Sport”
(Check out Animal Collective online)

Various Artists, Notorious soundtrack
Genre: Rap
EW Grade: B
Download This: “Brooklyn Go Hard”
(Check out the Notorious B.I.G. online)

The Bee Gees, Odessa
Genre: Reissue
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “Edison”
(Check out The Bee Gees online)

The Derek Trucks Band, Already Free
Genre: Rock
EW Grade: B+
Download This: “Maybe This Time”
(Check out The Derek Trucks Band online)

Mstislav Rostropovich, The Complete EMI Recordings
Genre: Classical
EW Grade: A–
Download This: Bach’s “Suite No. 1 in G Major: I. Prelude”
(Check out Mstislav Rostropovich online)

Staff Web Pick of the Week:
Covers of MGMT’s (pictured, above right) “Electric Feel”
First Katy Perry gave the electro-psych number her own smoothed-out spin last fall. Then Solange Knowles started working it into a medley in her concerts. Most recently, Atlantan hip-hop troupe Holly Weerd found a way to take this already-funky song even farther out into space — a feat we once would have thought impossible. Where will it end?!