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Updated January 13, 2009 at 06:16 PM EST
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The best part about House being the only drama series on a broadcast net receiving a Golden Globe nod? It meant executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs were not only at Sunday’s show, but they were in the mood to party. And by “party,” I mean offer me a rare joint interview in which they tackle such hot topics as the ongoing banishment of Chase and Cameron, the impending sex between House and Cuddy, and the controversy surrounding a certain numerically-monikered female doc. You know, my kind of party.

AUSIELLO: Let’s get right to the big issue: Chase and Cameron. They’ve been sidelined for nearly two years now. Fans are frustrated. I’m frustrated. Give us all some good news.

KATIE JACOBS: We’re going to have some changes by the end of the season.

DAVID SHORE: The last half-dozen episodes of the season, significant stuff will happen. Potentially game-changing. [As a result], you will be seeing more of them next year. We found a way to use them more.

Has the situation been frustrating for you?

SHORE: It has been. But it’s a good problem to have. We’ve got too many good people there, and trying to figure out how to use them has been an issue. But I haven’t been happy with [the Chase/Cameron situation]. I have been happy with what we’ve been doing with them. The quality is still there, it’s the quantity I’d like to see more of.

JACOBS: But it’s a marathon. Cameron and Chase are definitely still very much a part of the fold, and how we continue to unravel their story is hopefully enjoyable to the audience.

Fans resent the fact that Olivia Wilde is getting so much screen time. They feel it’s coming at the expense of Cameron. They’ve even taken to deriding the show as “The Thirteen Hour.”

SHORE: I know. It’s unfair. One definitely has nothing to do with the other. I think Olivia is great. I think Thirteen’s an interesting character. It’s not like we’re going, “This will be a good story for a girl, let’s give it to Thirteen [instead of Cameron].” They’re two very different characters and we’re trying to find ways to use both of them as much as possible.

JACOBS: When you have 24 episodes a year and this is a fifth year, the fact that they want to see more of anybody is great. There are so many stories we have left yet to tell.

The other hot topic, House and Cuddy. It’s time they had some sex, guys.

SHORE: They’ve got to, right? We’re with you on that.

It’s only really a matter of where they have it now, right?

JACOBS: Where do you think they should have it?

One of their offices would be too obvious.

SHORE: The glass walls in the hospital would be the problem there.

Inside the MRI machine?

SHORE: I like that.

JACOBS: Nice and cozy.

So, basically, they are having sex this season, yes?

SHORE: It’s actually way more complicated than that.

JACOBS: It’s not all that complicated, David. It’s just sex.

Sounds like an unequivocal “Yes!” to me! What do you think, House fans? Excited that Shore/Jacobs are (presumably) going all the way with Huddy? And are you as encouraged by the Chameron news as I am? Sound off below!

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