By Samantha Harmon
January 13, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

The ingenious Jason Schwartzman does it again: Davy, the sophomore album from Schwartzman’s one-man indie-pop band Coconut Records, pre-released today on Amie Street. I’ve been a fan of Schwartzman’s acting for a decade and a fan of Coconut Records’ simple, poppy lyrics since I discovered his first album, Nighttiming, from 2007. I am so ready for some new tunes by Jason, not to mention his next appearance in a new Wes Anderson project.

The songs that resonate most for me off Davy are “Microphone,” “Saint Jerome,” “Wandering Around,” and “I am Young.” What doesn’t resonate with me? The album cover. It looks like someone doodled over an adult contemporary album.

Anyone else out there enjoying Schwartzman’s music? Couldn’t he have done something more with the cover art, though?