By Michael Slezak
Updated January 13, 2009 at 07:55 PM EST

I am today’s worst person in the world. Or perhaps yesterday’s. Heck, I’ll take the title two days running. You see, yesterday marked the birthday of uni-monikered diva Amerie, and while I found time to purchase her underrated 2007 single “Take Control” and play it 26 times on repeat loop — no, I am not exaggerating; iTunes doesn’t lie — I failed to publish a celebratory post on PopWatch. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? (No, I’m not talking about my penchant for “repeat loop.”) The only way I can make up for my crimes against divadom, as I see it, is to entice all of you to watch the hot-ass video for “Take Control.” It features an inescapable bass line, a thrilling spy story, and a flawless runway-strut boogie from Amerie and her backup dancers (performed while breaking and entering!). How can you not press play? And why wasn’t this song a ginormous hit? Post your theories (and your b’day wishes) in the comments section below!