By Meeta Agrawal
Updated January 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

With the Golden Globes eons away (by Internet standards), by now you’ve probably decided who you thought was the best dressed of the night and who struck out. Well, I just found a new site that’ll make you see the red carpet in a whole new perspective. Red Carpet Fashion Awards digs out the original couture versions of the stars’ gowns and runs them side by side with the Globes looks, so you can see the all the nips, tucks, and tweaks that the dresses endured on their way to the red carpet. You probably won’t be surprised that Megan Fox’s dress is a little tighter — and a lot lower-cut — than the original Ralph Lauren. But it’s fun to see the looks that drew the stars to their dresses in the first place: Renee Zellweger’s head-scratcher of a gown makes a lot more sense (though it still doesn’t scream awards season) in its original pencil length skirt. And Drew Barrymore’s ethereal Dior creation is even more impressive when you see the, shall we say fashion-forward, sheer cobalt single-sleeved (?!) version it was based on. But the biggest surprise in this round? Miley Cyrus’s dreamy Marchesa gown looks even better on the teen star than on the willowy model. Score one for (almost) real women!