By Oriana Schwindt
Updated January 12, 2009 at 09:25 PM EST

Good morning, PopWatchers! It’s exceptionally good for me, because anything seems better than having to endure the Golden Globes with a roommate who thinks he’s above all that “trivial stuff.” As my lovely friend Jessica said last night, “Why was he watching?” So, for your benefit, here’s a list of people you should never, ever watch an awards show with:

The “Cooler Than This” Roommate: While snarking on the attendees is fine, a constant litany of “Why do you care about this?” is liable to get him a takeout container to the face.

Your Friend Who Only Watches Entourage: Because she doesn’t seem to understand that there are, in fact, actors out there besides Jeremy “Hg” Piven.

People Who Think Tina Fey Isn’t Funny: They will totally ruin an amazing acceptance speech with their derisive snorting. And yes, these people do exist.

The One Who Knows Nothing About Pop Culture: In my case, this is a friend who says that “94 percent” of his pop culture knowledge comes from me. Exclude them so that when you ask why Tom Cruise was even nominated for Tropic Thunder, you don’t have to deal with responses like, “Tom Cruise was in Tropic Thunder?”

Is there anyone I left out? You tell me, PW-ers.

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