By Mike Bruno
Updated January 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Q: What’s it take to make Elisabeth Hasselbeck seem like The View’s sane, cool-headed host?

A: Apparently, a visit from bat-crap nasty author and pundit Ann Coulter!

On today’s show (clip embedded below), Whoopi started things off by railing against Coulter for stating in her new book-type thing that single mothers are a plague on our society and that Hollywood actors use single motherhood to further their careers. Things got pretty heated, of course, and just when it seemed inevitable that the ‘Bot would interject an angry defense of Coulter (who at one point complained that the hosts were reading her book “as if it were Mein Kampf“), the Hasselbot actually landed a nice jab, suggesting that perhaps society’s focus should be on the deadbeat dads, not the single mothers they ditch — a statement rightly met by (stunned?) applause from the audience. (Go ‘Bot! Go ‘Bot!) The segment concluded with the entire table shouting over each other and Sherri Shepherd very nearly hauling off and walloping Coulter for disrespecting Babs. Looks like The View only has room for one blonde, conservative loon at a time.

Anyone catch this? What’d you think of the ‘Bot’s performance? Anyone think Coulter held her own with the View ladies? What would happen if Shepherd ever ran into Coulter in a dark alley after a few cocktails?